Monday, February 7, 2011

still hanging on to this cold

My daughter drug in a cold so now we all have it. GGRRRR. I need to be better in the next few weeks as I have a new grandaughter arriving on the 22nd of this month. I am not sure who the first follower was so I am giving each of the 3 that are followers now a set of sprinkles just send me a message with your name and address. You may choose up to 3 colors for your set. Please take note that this month is really busy for me with a new grandbaby coming and a custom order of over 20 sets of sprinkles in the works. So your sprinkles will likely be shipped towards the end of this month.
I will try to get a pictures of the albums I am currently working on. Gonna finish them then work on some Easter and spring stuff, and of course since the new baby will be a girl I am sure there will be loads of girly things coming soon.
Have a great day all

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